"Typically, in such a scenario, the typical response would be 'we create one'. It is, however, both immoral and impossible for us to do so at the moment." This was more of a reflexive remembrance on his study on military and political strategies back at the Academy, spoken out of a need to supply some kind of response than anything else.

"Things may not be as bitter as they seem. There is this one officer in the Combat Division by the name of Masaru that has some interesting ideas about bridge-building between Divisions. Joint exercises, primarily, but they could build from there.

I suspect Kiba-san may be a little less rash than he appears, as well. As hot-headed as he can be, he is not stupid. He wouldn't throw his life away on a fool's errand, knowing those he leaves behind would be in dire straits.

Even assuming the Arrancar are bluffing, their bluff gave them a lot more information than it gave us. We fell for their trap hook, line and sinker."

Koutarou paused and thought.

"No matter how we look at things, we need time. IT's no use to expect a full-scale attack if we do nothing in the meantime. Worse, it'd give away our current state of affairs.

Speaking of that Setsurou fellow, is it true he actually suggested a combat tournament to give us leverage? You think the Arrancar would go for such an insane idea?"