"I'm not so sure. Bloodless competition is a great way to build respect, I believe." Koutarou noted. There was just a tinge of a smile on his face that suggested he might actually enjoy the idea.

"They do have us backed into a corner, such as it is. This offer is a great maneuver when it comes to disorienting us and splitting us down the middle. It takes into consideration a lot of our way of thinking.

If I didn't know better, I'd say Jehoel was once a Shinigami."

Well, he doesn't, really. But there was no evidence to suggest the Primera Espada had been a Shinigami at any point in his life.

"This tournament idea at least pulls us from a point where we believe we only have two choices at a no-win scenario, even if the best case scenario only marginally improves our chances. The peace offering is a binary effect, after all.

Suppose we could change something in that proposal as-is, Commander. What would it be?"