Li lets out a bitter chuckle.

"That is the joke here. These creatures could not have made a better a better offer. Violence stops. Hunting of Hollows, the most taxing task of Gotei and one we can't spare resources for anyway, is relegated to them."

"A great deal of thought was put into this offer. It shows they know what situation we are in and crafted it to fit. It is a great piece of propaganda if I've ever seen. There's pretty much nothing objectionable in this offer - only in who is offering it."

Li's ironic smile fades. "The only way to make that deal better would be to demand... I don't know, something from them. Like restricting their actions to some specific country at first. China, maybe. It might be worth a shot for Setsurou to bring that up."

"You're right in that they have us cornered. But this is not a trap. Trap is something you walk into, knowingly or not. But it's they who came walking to us. 'Ambush' would be better, but even that ascribes a level of deviousness to this ploy that is remarkedly absent. No, this offer is an open challenge. Though I guess it is just splitting of hairs."

Li sighs, and then breaks into a fit of coughing. "My apologies. I've done *cough* way too much talking than I should have for one day. I'm still recovering from an illness afterall." Li wipes Li's mouth in Li's covered hand. Some dried blood is left on the silk glove, though it's from Li's burned lips, not the Commander's lungs.

"I suppose we better wrap it for tonight. Let's return to Headquarters."
The elder stands up and beckons towards the door.