We're coming up soon(-ish) to the Best of the Hundred tournament, and I've been giving some thought to the suggestions given in this thread about how to deal with it.

So here is a tentative plan that I want to throw out and see what people think:

Instead of having a one-week Best of the Hundred with all ten winners, there will be a pair of 'semi-final' contests, followed by the 'finals'. Each only lasting five days, instead of seven.

The winner of those two 'semi-finals' plus the two strips that got the most votes during those 'semi-finals' move on to the 'finals'. Think of these two extra strips as the 'wild card' entrants.


Strips 1,11,21,31,41,51,61,71,81, and 91 get in the torunament.

After Semi Final Number One the totals are:
1 5 votes
11 6 votes
21 6 votes
31 2 votes
41 11 votes


After Semi Final Number Two the totals are:
51 10 votes
61 2 votes
71 9 votes
81 8 votes
91 5 votes.

Which would give:


41 and 51 would move on thanks to winning the semi's. 71 and 81 get in thanks to getting the most votes from the non-winners. So, yes, this means that one semi might get three entrants while the other, only one.

This encourages voting.

If there is a tie for first, both entrants get in and there is one less wild card.
If there is a tie for the second wild card, eh, let em both in.
And if one semi-final winner still ends up with less votes than a strip that isn't a wild card winner? Eh. Winner is winner. Moves on by default.

The total time to do this would be 15 days. Or, basically, two weeks of normal voting.

Alternatively, we just do the regular 10 strip vote over seven days.

I'm good either way. But I must admit I've come to like the idea of giving the runners up a chance as to give a bit of variety in the final vote.