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    Default Re: Mastering the Elements [3.5, Invocations]

    Quote Originally Posted by Storm Mantle
    Least; 1st
    This invocation lets you deflect ranged attack against you each round, though it may not deflect massive ranged weapons (such as attacks from seige weapons) or ranged attacks generated by spell effects. In addition, your flight speed increases by 10 feet, and your maneuverability improves by one step, to a maximum of perfect. You do not gain a flight speed if you do not have one. The duration of this invocation is 24 hours.
    First of all, I think you forgot a word in there, do you mean for it to deflect a single ranged attack each round, or all ranged attacks, something else?

    I presume you mean a single ranged attack/round. I still think that is a bit good for a Least invocation, there is another Least that gives entropic warding (20% miss chance). I'd think either bump it up to lesser, or make it cost an immediate action or something in response to an attack you're aware of.

    Sing the Winds: I presume the weather created by Sing the Winds has to be appropriate for the climate.

    Maybe make it so you only can have a single Sing the Winds active at a time and a second makes the weather revert to normal in the next 10 minutes. That would prevent making tornados hit a bunch of cities in an opposing kingdom all at once (not sure how much that'd help).

    Great work overall like the rest of your invocations. Enjoyable to read and very fitting of the elemental theme.

    EDIT: Didn't realize this was necro'd. Sorry.
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