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    Pygnitis Tempora
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human, no more, no less
    Age: 28
    Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies while in control of his actions
    Class/Profession: Cleric of Fire and Magic/Quest-Taker
    Power Rating: Quinsar 3;Neon C+
    Description: Pygnitus wears a White Mage's robe, albeit with several scorch marks on it, and his usually ruffled wheat-blonde hair makes him nearly undistinguishable from a White Mage. However, if anyone was to see him in combat, they'd quickly see the difference; after all, White Mages don't have their hands suddenly burst into flames, and they sure as heck don't use said fire to burn their enemies.

    Personality: Pygnitis doesn't have much in the form of personality; years of adapting to the social climate of a monastery have left him with little in this way. Occasionally, though, a random deity of fire and/or magic will influence his thoughts and actions in such a way that he literally becomes them in personality, as if he was a miniature version of the god in question.
    Equipment: All he has is the robe on his back, the staff in his hand, and some elixirs that restore his vitality and ability to throw fire at people (Potions and Ethers).
    Abilities: Pygnitis can fight reasonably well with his staff, and he does know some healing magic; his specialties, though, are pyromancy and cantrips. He can launch fire projectiles quite long distances and shape it in all sorts of ways; in addition, Pygnitis can do minor generic spellcaster-type things, such as use magic devices and detect any latent magic in an area.
    Unfortunately for Pygnitis, this devotion to a cause makes it so he has little control of his mind; any god of magic and/or fire can alter his behavior by sending him into a semi-dream state and, essentially, sleep-driving him, leaving him only slightly aware of his past actions. (Note: this means that if I don't post within about 4 days on a thread, another player can take control of his actions for a post or three. I put no limits on these actions if the controller can come up with some deity that would have him do it.)

    Backstory: Pygnitis was once a White Mage in training; he got quite far into this training, spending the first 19 years of his life in a monastery devoted to raising up the next generation of healers. Somewhere in year 20, though, Pygnitis had a dream sent to him from the god Sol-Aris. Sol-Aris taught him the art of pyromancy in a single night, teaching Pygnitis to use the same supply of power that his healing used to cause flamy havoc. Fortunately for the world, this god was of Neutral Good alignment, and thus gave him a stipulation: if ever the fire he flung caused an innocent harm, Sol-Aris would open his mind to control by the other gods and goddesses of flame and sorcery.
    So, one day Pygnitis is fighting a sorcerer of Nerull who has captured some civilians for sacrifice. The two were in an epic spel duel, and eventually the sorcerer was over the altar with a captive. Pyg launched a fireball at the he hit the civilian with a minor burn. Instantly, Ifrit, the sprit of fire and villainy, took control. The sorcerer's tower burned to the ground along with almost all of its inhabitants...almost. Pyg remembers that incident, and it haunts him, but he's looking into a way to revoke this divine curse, and so far, it seems it will require his life...
    Miscellaneous: So, yeah, if I do not post actions for Pygnitis within 4 days of my last post in the thread and I'm not on, the player who posts after me can take control of him for however long until I get back
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