Basically, what Arcanist said. It's fine. You did a really good job. Kudos for that.

It's just, there's not much to comment on. You took a bad prestige class and added a few highly standard quality-of-life abilities (Battle Blessing, Divine Wind), and appended a very normal and basic Tome of Battle chassis on it, which has been an increasingly routine thing to do with melee-focused classes.

It has no fluff. It has nothing that didn't already exist in some form or another. It doesn't take things in a new direction or view it through a new perspective, and it doesn't show anything about you or your creativity.

It's good. But it would be better to see you do something that shows your imagination and individuality. Write a new paladin-themed Martial Discipline, completely different from Devoted Spirit. That would be amazing. Create a new prestige class about a deity that you find particularly interesting, and fill it up with bizarre and terrifying abilities that make it play unlike anything that came before. Make something new, that you feel passionate about, and people will flock to it.

This? This is just a list of utilitarian mechanics with the words "Yet Another" in the title. It has no style. Where's the passion?