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    Default Re: Yet another... Shining Blade of Heironeous rework (ToB) [PrC] [PEACH]

    Well... This IS a rework. Nothing more, nothing less. The generic fluff is built in it. I get your point - and I'm currently working on something more challenging. I am not experienced so I am testing the waters by working with the material I know.
    The Shining Blade is a class that has its fluff explained in the book it was introduced. And I like the kind of generic fluff it has that can be pretty much adjusted to fit not only Heironeous, but other deities as well.

    But then, if the crunch's alright, there's not much I can ask for here. Thanks, and I mean no ill will here.

    And as something different, I'd like to present this: The Runewarden
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