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    Hellbred Cleric 1. Int 18, Chaotic Neutral. Put 4 ranks in Knowledge: Religion. Domains: Knowledge, Summoning.

    1. Buy scroll of guidance of the avatar. 150 GP.

    2. Buy an altar case (20 GP, Defenders of the Faith p. 21). If you want, you can splurge on a granite case (40 GP) and still have 9 GP left over for incense, black candles, etc.

    3. Buy a goat (trade good). 1 GP Cast summon monster I for a celestial monkey [Edit: Sacrifice victim must have at least Int 3).

    4. Cast guidance of the avatar from the scroll. Caster level check, DC = 4 (2nd level spell, CL 3 + 1 = 4). Roll 1d20 + 1 (caster level) + 1 (knowledge domain) + 2 (Devil's Favor), should be at least 5.

    5. Sacrifice goat monkey with evil "We hate goats monkeys!" kind of ritual (BoVD). Knowledge: Religion roll = 1d20 + 20 (GotA) + 4 (skill ranks) + 4 (Int) + 2 (altar). Minimum roll would be 31.

    6. DC 30: Gain the services of an evil outsider for 1 hour, as per planar binding. Why hello, Mr. Efreet!

    7. Wish #1: Cloak of Etherealness (DMG).

    8. Wish #2: Skull talisman (Frostburn) with apocalypse of the sky (BoVD) stored inside.

    9. Wish #3. Dry martini with three cocktail onions.

    10. Cast summon monster I for another celestial monkey (don't tell him what happened to the first monkey) or summon undead for a skeleton. Direct it to wait one round (summoning domain = CL 3, so 3 rounds), then break the skull talisman (standard action).

    11. Activate Cloak of Etherealness.

    12. Monkey/skeleton activates apocalypse of the sky, which does 10d6 sonic damage to all creatures and objects within a 170 mile radius. For simplicity's sake, let's just say the area of effect is a two-dimensional circle centered on the monkey, and there is an average of one object/creature per 5' square. Someone should probably check my math (ah, the ravages of a Liberal Arts degree), but I think the damage is in the neighborhood of 101,245,458,589 squares x 10d6 (average 35), so about 3,543,591,050,615 damage. Roughly, 3.5 trillion damage. If you pack each square with more objects/creatures, then it gets considerably larger.

    13. Drink martini.