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    Skye Drake-Nerei

    Alias: The General, Ash, The Hermit, Redcloak
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Special*
    Age: Adult
    Alignment: Red Primary with Black Secondary on Color Wheel Alignment. Neutral (Evil) on D&D grid.
    Class/Profession: Trapper/Biologist
    Power Rating: C or 4
    Description: Large, with white fur (traces of brown). A slightly long face, and a long scar scar running down their left fore-limb. Paws and tail are surrounded by a cold blue fire. Eyes glow occasionally. Ice is left in her footsteps.
    Human: Pale brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin as she is almost never in the sun with it. No visible flames. Dressed in flowing red and purple robes with a hood.
    Personality: The General is weary. She's forgotten the joy of motion and even conflict. Forcing herself to suspect every passing thing. It's rare to get to indulge her curiosity. But beneath that, she remains and malleable and willing to commit as always.
    Abilities: Broad fire magic powers. Was given the power of Fearblaze by Zane Darkstar, and taught to make solid objects out of heat and flame. Can conjure coldfire and control flames from any source. Her powers are much more focused when she's in human shape.
    When in her normal shape she is very hard to hurt, save by certain relic things such as silver bullets and ash-wood stakes.
    Backstory: The child of Brendan and Ashna, Skye was separated from her parents and raised for a while at the Shrine of Adam in Felina, but eventually ran off to live as a wild creature in North Forest, where she was adopted into a small pack of then normal wolves. On growing up, she set out on her own, and eventually met Aric in the Forests of the Hunting Grounds. This eventually led her to the city of Inside, which led her to contact Zane Darkstar, who transformed her powers into that of Fearblaze. This caused Marty to start chasing her with the power granted by Calublufiok and destroying her hermitage, and to her suffering injuries which sent her to the GLoG and finding her human family.
    After the success of her projects and becoming a tree-creature, she abandoned the self destructive-course she felt Ignitis was on, entered a relationship with Zane, living in Skyside at Those Forged.
    But then an old Ignitis student showed up asking for help, and she joined an invasion of Southside. This-and-that happened, and of the Five Generals, she was the only one left, and unexpectedly found herself running a small country.
    Ash has the curse of lycanthropy, such that every month on the days around the new moon, she is transformed into a human. She can do so at any time other than the time around the full moon, but it's more difficult.

    Unification Day, March 24 eq:2016

    The Nephilim are not exactly half-dragon. They combine elements from General Skye, Trucido, and the red wyrm Ravrarath Volcano-Forger. But red-dragon is certainly the plurality of what they are.
    Raneon speaks in Red. A tall groundling nephil in charge of Urban Development.
    Rust speaks in FireBrick. A scrawny nephil runt who wears several bureaucratic hats.
    Commander Rain was killed in the demon invasion of Rvierside. He spoke in Maroon. A flighted nephil commander who led the attack on DMside and was taken prisoner.
    Commander Ruby speaks in Tomato. A groundling nephil woman who retains vestigial wings as flexible claws. Tail: Yes.
    The Sorcerer-King of the North. A success: strength, force-sensitivity, flight, elemental attunement. A skilled dancer, scoundrel, and protector of Rhin's kobolds.
    The One on the Road. A 'success': strength, force-sensitivity, flight, elemental attunement. Deeply neurotic, paranoid, with a shattered sense of self.

    It looks like a moth, but its body is oddly serpentine in shape, and it doesn't seem to have any visible mouth, mandibles or anything else. Only a pair of bulging, pale eyes. It hovers in the air near its master. "This is one of my least servant. A wretched thing that spies on mortals and brings bad dreams. Hard to notice, and hard to see. But it sees much in turn."

    The King's servants are a motley assortment of spider-like creatures whose bodies resemble humanoid or animal heads, and small humanoid creatures whose skin resembles different kinds of rock and soil. The humanoids look either like half-finished clay dolls or small, lanky men with long beards and caps.

    They join together into the shape of an ashen-grey beast with wide wings, a pair of legs and no arms. It's roughly the size of a large car, with a long, stretching neck and a long, thin tail. Its head has no eyes, but an impressive array of teeth. The tail and wings sweep around in the ground as the beast turns its head around, hissing.

    "Not quite a dragon," the King says. "But it is what some dragons became when the world became too thin for them. I think the mortals call them slyzards. The name will do. It can't breathe fire like a dragon, nor command the elements like one, but it will fly. Its shriek can freeze mortals with fear or, if focused, crack stone and metal."
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