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    Human wizard. The part of Leah that kept being a murderhobo adventurer.

    Tiger-centaur knight who runs a little town around the Skullfort. The part of Leah that settled down.

    Thrill-seeking warrior who lives in the Hunting Grounds. The part of Leah that was never interrupted.

    Minor good goddess. Domain includes: Night-time, healing, protection, meteors, and communication with the dead. The part of Leah that is Leah.
    Sun-and-Moon (Alice) A cyborg centauress sent to VIGIL as a spy.

    Cuthun-demon alien hive mother.

    It That Takes
    The Ineffable Lord of flame, once a mere elemental, now attached to Anima's family and meddling in the affairs of gods.

    Bio-engineered feathery church acolyte and space adventurer who's trying to learn enough to run her own temple. Meta-Character

    Ash (Skye)
    The General, supreme leader of Southside. Tree-person. Werewolf. Mother of dragons. Conduit of the cold fire. Reservoir of the Fearblaze. Mad scientist. Former Chosen of It That Takes.

    More Active
    • Tao- Lone mercenary with amnesia.
    • Honeysuckle - Wild kitsune who wears a blindfold to control her powers.
    • Yone - The Wonderworker. Giraffe-lion-thing. Follows the Bureaucat.
    • Miri

    Less Active
    • Alucleosepha - Ambiguously evil dragon wizard. Busy with her family and religion.
    • Cloud - Scorpion Sun God of the Floating Church. Constantly traveling on church business.
    • Burning Winds - Swordsman who used to be a sword. Still interrupting Seekers.
    • Auranico (Riki) - Queen of the Fangire. Retired to help lead her weird glass vampires.
    • The Bureaucat - A fairy secretary who was the only survivor of an attack, trying to rebuild her society after being stranded here in the Nexus. Ceded the spotlight to Yone.
    • Atorre - Hive mind mad scientist from a Skyside noble house. Busy working in heaven.
    • Alex (Chevin) - Blind clockwork alien superhero. Formerly a Seeker, until changed by Malukhar. Runs their flying island mostly.
    • Mei - Electrum dragon who works with space and weather. Rumors of death greatly exaggerated. Checks in on the Nexus once in a while.
    • Arlem - Shape-shifting psychic homemaker, priest, and VIGIL member who toes the line of evil. Usual wielder of the Great Blade Dorothy.
    • Kestrel - Robot janitor/surgeon/mercenary.
    • Joneleth - Penitent weapons-maker. Retired to live on his farm with his continuity-challenged family.
    • Danelshes - Heretical priest trying to evolve humanity to greater things. Founded the shrine of Adam. Designing robots offscreen.
    • Vaan - Carnivorous renaissance woman necromancer. Presumptions of death proved unfounded; works on Majauril as a the Wearer of Earth.
    • Felix - Leader of a tribe of werewolves. Unable to use fearblaze. Busy rebuilding his town after the collapse.
    • Haukea, Larry, Rossa Ampfaria - Cautious, Angry, and Individualistic. The trio of photoraptors who explored the sea and later joined the Ship.
    • Reqonswent - Icehome bioradio operator and boneship communications crew. Loves his job.
    • -Eirikae- - Messenger-steward at the skullfort. Waiting until this whole afterlife thing really gets going.
    • Atsuko - Child left to be raised by wolves. Fled Riverside and went to live in faraway lands with her family.
    • Saranan - Mist-enchanted hobbit/pony centaur. Works as a farmer.
    • Sazack - Black Forest Coldblood centaur from Saranan's family, who is part of the Knights of the Round Stable as the constellation of the Hunting Hounds.
    • Carmen - The vampire queen of Icehome, space adventurer, and chess player.
    • Tahlia - Former Etran leader who never really found a place again.
    • Ark'Ka'tat'akilla - On the other side of the mirror, there's someone who could have been you, in a world that's all wrong. Rescued by Mist and found the way home.
    • Tomris - Heartless lumberjack. Left with his sister.
    • Colson - Paranoid leader of a tribe of bird-people. Escaped into the Wyld.
    • Alyshacar - Devoted catgirl cultist.
    • Morian - Hunts vampires using robots. Portal to their world closed.
    • Maria The Third - Vampire religious leader of the Timiran Church. Portal to their world closed.
    • Luna - Tower City research subject. Portal to their world closed.
    • Kail - Luna's husband, a shipwright. Portal to their world closed.
    • Dennis - A young child fascinated with submarines. Portal to their world closed.
    • Anna - Bereaved Tower City seamstress. Portal to their world closed.
    • Thom - Tower City research subject, back from the dead. Portal to their world closed.
    • Orannis - A lizardperson gardener working in Skyside on Atorre's rice projects.
    • Paw and Oak - Skye's adoptive parents. Went back to their home range.
    • Drum - Undead-hunting terrorist revolutionary. Achieved his political aims.
    • Janicei - Riace's sister. A traveler with the special eyes. Walking the earth.
    • Tyche - A pyromancer who can never seem to make the flames quite hot enough.
    • Howler In Morning (Naray) - A fire elemental that came to the mortal world fleeing religious persecution
    • Which Walks Unseen (Thom) - A fire elemental that came to the mortal world to learn
    • Roald Williamson - A deluded figment who escaped from a wizard's dream and lives as a vagrant on the outskirts of Inside.
    • Jeanne Krieagsmanedet - Mist-enchanted motherly spider alchemist.
    • Anima - Chosen of It That Takes. Tauric dire-wolf witch.
    • Maria Kayin - An astronomer who's bounced from cult to cult, who had her body stolen by Nadas.
    • Danir Telue - Rebellious disinherited sorceress. Cleo's mother, Leah's grandmother.
    • Karen - Little manticore who lives in Skullfort Town after becoming an orphan.
    • Rian - Teenage boy who lives in Skullfort Town after being rescued.
    • Softquill - Photoraptor who replaced Anchor at Skullfort Town Public Library
    • Alexis - The gorgon high priestess of the Floating Church.
    • Todd - Young man who is finally free of the fallen angel that was possessing him.
    • Nathaneil - This ogre is in charge of the soup kitchen in Skullfort Town
    • Lyre - This elfin girl looks quite like the Good aspect of the Twilight Goddess might have looked
    • William Auriel - This handsome man is a high-ranking dibax rider and definitely not a dragon in disguise
    • Wearer of the Tattered Scarf - Augmented very large photoraptor willing to help new people.
    • So Dian guard team: Agra (pure), Norticio (shield), Kom (needle) and Vari (weaver). Half demon, half human, half cat, all astronaut.
    • Slasher Private Ship Architect Sparrow AI - This robot has been infected by silver-eyed skinner energy and is crazy as a junebug.
    • Omiko - Immortal gibbering cat-demon Elder whose line abandoned the others to flee after the crash and whose Linebearer was rescued by Nick.
    • Logru - The Generalissimo. Photoraptor. Follows the Bureaucat.
    • Ophelia Graham
    • Graft-nin Aleksei - A man with two curling horns framing his face, patches of silvery-gold scales around them. His right arm is a sort of prosthetic, a congeries of stained glass and wire.
    • Susila - A 10yr old minotaur girl, (going to be) even bigger than Krayger, quiet, self-conscious, and likes libraries. Blond-furred, with no horns yet to speak of.
    • Rashka the Thousandfold - Master Sorcerer, son of Scipio the Stone, had a junior fellow-student lizard. He has the lower body of a giant thick-tailed man-killer scorpion, a heavy thing of deep black shell. He's wearing a pink sash and a big shoulder-collar thing that looks like the sun, but no shirt in between, because that would interfere with people looking at him. His head is shaved and covered in magical tattoos. His sharp face boasts a diamond piercing through his nose and a slight smile.

    Dead - People struggle to stay dead, here.
    • Ashna - Many things. Taken bodily out of the living worlds to be with Yoan.
    • Riace - Reckless Lunar artist. Killed by pirates.
    • Samuel - Rebellious lizard. Killed by the Empire.
    • Lily - Bitter gunslinger. Died in the woods.
    • Golden - Animate suit of armor. Passed on.
    • Censhuliel - Obsessed Lunar chieftain. Executed in a rare moment of lucidity.
    • Brave - Actual wolf. Killed by [REDACTED].
    • The Duelist - Carmen's lowest-standing vampire thrall. Killed by vampire-hunters.
    • Katherine Whitsman - Wood cat who followed the Bureaucat before being killed in a planar breach
    • Amyria - A colony of shapechanging tiny dragons who was the second mayor of Eastside. Killed fighting cuthunians during the invasion.
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