Alias: Shoes, Shoey
Gender: Impossible to tell
Race/Species: Minor God. Very minor God
Age: No one remembers what caused it to be created. Therefore, no one has any idea how long Calceus has been around
Alignment: Neutral. Shoes favor all equally
Class/Profession: The most minor god you will ever meet.
Power Rating: Are you wearing socks? If yes, F. If no C-.
Description: A humanoid mound of shoes from all eras. You'll see some sandals, Crocs, tennies, etc. Has no definite face, but does have a head made out of four tennis shoes strapped together by the laces.
Personality: Mopey, and down about most things. Excited when included but generally fairly sad.
Equipment: Shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.
Abilities: Can do whatever he wants to with shoes, including move them without contact, make new ones, or refit them. But if a shoe is in contact with a sock, can't do anything. Touching a sock with one of the shoes that make up his body causes his body to disperse and Calceus will be unable to reform for 24 hours
Backstory: To come later
Miscellaneous: Hates socks. Absolutely hates them