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    Erin Lynne Grünwald

    Name: Erin Lynne Grunwald
    Alias: Erin
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Golden Lab
    Age: 8
    Alignment: Neutral/Good
    Class/Profession: Novice
    Power Rating: Under 9000 E-
    Description: Erin is a little dog-girl with slightly curly platinum-blonde fur, short hair (more like 'head fur' really), floppy ears, a muzzle, a fuzzy face, a large fluffy tail, and plantigrade paw-like feet. She wears a pink-and-white striped shirt, a pink skirt, a pink bow behind one ear, and what looks like a pink dog collar. The collar has a golden heart-shaped tag with emergency information on it, including her species, blood type, and allergies. She does not wear shoes, preferring to go barefoot.
    Personality: Pacifist, a bit snarky.
    Equipment: None. Future equipment: purse, stuffed animal.
    Abilities: Erin is literally a little girl. Her abilities are as one would expect of a little girl who's also a dog. Good sense of smell, fairly quick on her feet. Will eventually learn magic.
    Backstory: To be developed in-game.
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