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Thread: OOTS death pool (thread #4)

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    I'm going to refrain from making a new bet for the moment, because I really don't know who to bet on next.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sniffnoy View Post
    Yup, that's a death alright. I've updated the first post.

    And yeah, I'm going to disallow betting on the summoned fiends at this point. They have no names, less than 10 appearances, and no real story significance. If they get to 10 appearances I guess I'll have to allow it?
    By the rules as they are now, that seems to be the case. Though this might not be a desirable situation and you could always change the rules.

    I'd say just allow it, the goal of this game is accurately predicting the flow of the story and at this point the question as to whether the demons will be able to stay alive long enough for the summon to expire is not exactly clear cut.

    Also, just to check, if we were allowed to bet on the fiends and the summon expires before they are killed it doesn't count as a death, right? How about the silicon elemental? (I think it seizes to exist once the spell expires, instead of being sent back to wherever the fiends came from, though I could be wrong about this)
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