Some people are having problems logging on to the new forums, this could be for a number of reasons.

1. Username not correct
Remember that names were imported by username, not display name. Use your old username and try some variations. Try adding or removing underscores (ie. Raw Hide, RawHide and Raw_Hide), try using variations on upper and lowercase (ie. Rawhide and rawhide) if that fails, try searching the member list to see if you are in there.

2. Password not correct
Request your password be emailed to you. Make sure to check all email addresses that you might have used to register at the old forum.

3. Account not activated
You will not be able to post or PM if your account has not been activated, nor will your account show up in the member list. You will be able to login however. First, check your emails and look for an activation email. Check any spam, junk and filtered email folders, as activation emails love to show up there. If you do not find one, request your activation code be emailed to you or change your email address to one that works.

Request an activation code:

4. Other
If the above does not solve the problem, or you have other concerns related to this issue, contact myself via PM or by selecting "Login Issue" from the Contact Us page.