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    Blindheim Infection:
    The blindheim's eyes easily identify it, and the cootie catcher knows that all too well. A young man might've tried to protect his family from a gang of them, only to be blinded and bitten to the extent that he was never the same. A naive girl could've been exploring a cave an decided to play with the "little glowy frog man", resulting in the cooties infecting her permanently. Or maybe, just maybe, a middle-aged woman took care of a large gang of these aberrations, protecting them from the dwarves and duergar that sought to slay them, until she became what she tried to save. No matter the circumstances, the blindheim will blind you. No matter the cause, the blindheim will infect you. And no matter the bond you've forged with one, the blindheim will abandon you.

    Role: A battlefield-controller, herding (and hurting) creatures with your eye beams, shutting them off at just the most horrifically right moment to incite panic, and turning them back on to deal even more damage than normal is but one of the many tactics that are frequently seen when a blindheim-infected cootie catcher instills fear in those who seek to avoid his gaze.

    Infection Powers:
    I Can See It All (Su): At 3rd level, a blindheim-infected cootie catcher gains the ability to activate a pair of eye beams as a standard action for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + his Constiution modifier. These rounds do not have to be consecutive, and he can use them for one additional round for every class level he gains. He may deactivate them as a free action at any time. These beams function as the blindheim's, letting him see in the dark, even in darkness, but not in deeper darkness. However, they only extend as a 15 foot cone. Any creature that looks at the cootie catcher while his eye beams are active must make a DC 10 + half his class level + his Wisdom modifier Fortitude save or be blinded for 1 hour. This can be removed with remove blindness or similar effects of equal or greater power.

    How Did You Miss That? (Su): At 6th level, a blindheim-infected cootie catcher becomes much more adept at noticing his surroundings. adds his Wisdom modifier to all Perception checks, meaning that he adds it twice: once for this ability, and once because Perception is associated with Wisdom. When his eye beams are active, he adds it once more, for a total of three times.

    The Sky Is So Clear (Su): At 9th level, a blindheim-infected cootie catcher has greatly increased the power of his eye beams by keeping an eye out for danger, and by virtue of the worsening disease within him. His eye beams now have a range of 30 feet, and allow him to see in all fog, smoke, steam, mist, and other such visual impairments, including magical varieties.

    An Eye For an Eye (Su): At 11th level, a blindheim-infected cootie catcher's aberrant net gains a connection to the source of his power that few realize. Whenever he would impose a penalty with his cootie catch ability, he may choose to forgo the typical penalty and blind the target for a number of rounds equal to a number of d3s equal to the penalty. He adds an additional 1d3 if the focus was eyes. If he would impose a bonus to a blinded creature, he may choose to forgo the typical bonus to instead reduce the duration of said creature's blindness by a number of rounds equal to a number of d4s equal to the bonus. He adds an additional 1d4 if the focus was eyes.

    The Unbearable Lightness of Seeing (Su): At 12th level, a blindheim-infected cootie catcher's eye beams have become so bright that they burn all that are caught within. Any creature caught within the area of his eye beams takes 3d6 plus his Wisdom modifier fire damage. Additionally, when he activates his eye beams, every creature within the area at that time takes the aforementioned fire damage, but with one more damage die. Furthermore, he is treated as being under the effects of tue seeing whenever his eye beams are active.

    Your Eyes Are Inferior (Su):At 15th level, a blindheim-infected cootie catcher's eye beams extend even further past every milestone they've reached before. They are now a 45-foot cone, and all creatures that look at him while his eye beams are active is blinded for 1d4+1 hours. Additionally, the damage for being caught in the cootie catcher's eye beams increases to 3d8 + twice his Wisdom modifier.

    None Have Ever Seen As I See (Su): At 18th level, a blindheim-infected cootie catcher's eye beams are greater than could have ever been imagined. They are a 60-foot cone that allows him to see in deeper darkness. Additionally, the DC to resist being blinded becomes 15 + half his class level + twice his Wisdom modifier. Additionally, he is always treated as being under the effects of true sight, even when his eye beams aren't active.

    Fungal Crawler Infection:

    Role: [COMING SOON]

    Infection Powers:
    Leaping Grace (Ex): A fungal crawler-infected cootie catcher is always ready to spring into combat. At 3rd level, he gains a +4 aberrant bonus to Acrobatics checks made to jump, and is always treated as having a running start. Additionally, his charge speed increases by 10 feet, and receives a +2 bonus to attack at the end of a charge, stacking with the normal +2 bonus and any others.

    Fungal Pride (Su): The cootie catcher, having been infected by a fungal crawler, has a mighty resistance to effects that would do nothing to a plant. At 6th level, he gains a +3 aberrant bonus on saves against mind-affecting effects, paralysis, sleep, poison, polymporph, and stunning. This bonus increases by an additional +3 at 10th level, and again at 13th level.

    Gnashing Needles (Ex): Having advanced this far, the cootie catcher gains a set of incredibly thin and sharp teeth. At 9th level, he gains a bite attack with a damage die of one step higher than normal for a creature of his size. This damage die increases one more step at 14th level, and again at 19th level. If he critically hits a foe with said bite attack, he can inflict 2d4 bleed damage and deal half damage with his attack.

    The Mycelium Knows as the Mycelium Grows (Su): At 11th level, the cootie catcher's aberrant net has begun to grow small mushrooms, showing its powerful bond. From this point on, whenever he uses his cootie catch ability, he may use two uses of it at once to cause the bonus/penalty to affect every creature adjacent to the target, with a duration of one round fewer than normal.

    Crawling Through the Sky (Ex): By this point, the cootie catcher's infection has granted him incredibly powerful legs. At 12th level, he gains a +6 aberrant bonus to Acrobatics checks made to jump (which stacks with Leaping Grace), and when he charges, he can make an Acrobatics check to jump in place of an attack roll. For every 5 points by which he exceeds the foe's AC, he can make one additional attack against the target, each having -3 to hit.

    Fruiting Body (Su): At 15th level the cootie catcher has begun to grow healing mushrooms from his flesh. A number of times per day equal to his Wisdom modifier, he may expend up to 4 hit points to cast goodberry as an 8th-level druid, producing a number of goodberries equal to twice an amount of hit points expended.

    Legs Beyond Imagination (Ex and Su):At 18th level, the cootie catcher has become more of a fungal crawler than any mortal could reasonably stomach. He becomes completely immune to mind-affecting effects, paralysis, sleep, poison, stunning, and polymorph. Additionally, he gains a +8 aberrant bonus to Acrobatics checks made to jump, and now only suffers a -1 penalty to hit when using his crawling through the sky ability. Additionally, he automatically confirms any critical threats made with his bite attack, and can inflict bleed 4d4 on a critical hit instead of bonus damage, or inflict bleed 1d6 in addition to bonus damage.
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