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    Quote Originally Posted by androkguz View Post
    Ok... but lets say that no one dies for a couple of comics and the High Priest appears and gets like... 5 or more comics of significance where he talks to Durkula or Redcloak and explains his importance on the comic... and then dies.
    I would just want everyone to remember that I said it first.
    Yes, but WHICH High Priest? The one that sent Durkon away is already dead, and the new high priest doesn't seem to be remotely important as a figure.

    PS It seems pretty likely that ther'es going to be at least one more death in the pyramid area, so it's almost certainly going to be one of:
    any of the OOTS (though a res spell might be possible if Durkula rejoins for whatever reason... Belkar as a vampire might be pretty interesting too)
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