Hmm...this is getting tricky. We're near the end of the book, and I think we're probably done with major deaths: the summoned creatures will bite it, but I don't reckon that anyone in the Order, the LG or Team Evil will die until the next book. Belkar looks like the smart choice, as we know his number is up sooner rather than later. But "sooner" could still be (say) halfway through the next book, and we could have more characters introduced in that time, as well as (potentially) a showdown with Tarquin and the LG before then. Kilkil might be a good bet if that does happen. On the other hand, those calling Lien (or, less likely IMO), O-Chul are playing decent longshots; if Team Evil show up at Kragor's Gate, this could be bad news for our favourite paladins.

In short, I don't know, so I'll defer my choice until the next arc.