1. Currently the idea is basically to use the Pacific Rim narrative or a spin off of it. So giant monsters are attacking and the characters are pilots fighting them off.

I believe we justified the Inclusion of Zoids by saying that after PR Humans have made their own bridge to another planet/dimension which is Z which has the zoids. Or maybe an alternate timeline where the Kaiju did win and the mechs evolved or whatever.

2. While 'Mechs' are gonna equipment we may make the Zoids have some personality as they are kinda living machines but we have determined for now that is fluff not mechanics so they would be considered equipment.

3. well we do have some D20 games running so maybe d20 but if it might run smoother as just a storyteller and we use maybe some basic mechanic to determine if your 108 mm cannon takes down the baddie or just scratches the hide.