The woman has dark hair tied back and dark eyes, and she wears dark clothes with a white, white smock. She laughs and laughs and grins, with too many teeth for such a mouth and her eyes are black, black and deep and dark, and its terrifyingly brilliant when she smiles, and her laugh is like bells.

"The Edge, the End, the Beginning, Alpha and Omega of course!"

She twirls, and her clothes whirl with her, revealing a flash of pale, pale skin beneath them.

"End of the World, my friend, end of the line, end of space, all of it! If you'd like, I can take you a bit further up and further in, away from the Edge, into the Woods!"

She winks, and she's like one of the fae, tricky and traipsy and nothing good in her eyes but mischief and mayhem.