She pouts, and her pale face flashes through a series of emotions so fast he can't even begin to understand what they say.

"God? Of a sorts, I suppose. Thought you would know, considering this is where your Soul usually ends up! But no, no no no, you see..."

She points, and far far off in the distance the man may be able to see a sort of shining blue, that flickers in and out of existence.

"That's the Edge! The End of Soul Society, forever encroaching upon our territory! Believe the last count was... two meters, every ten years? Such a shame. I hear its like being drowned in nothing, if it touches you."

She turns towards the woods, and begins waltzing into them, before turning back, and beckoning to the man,

"Come on then! Nothing much of interest out here, I live further up and farther in!"