Mikael's expression darkens. "Maybe friendship is about that, yes. But is it worth it? I lived with a person unable to forgive for most of my life. She was not very nice." The man feels a sting in his chest as saying this brings up memories he'd strived to bury. On one hand, his words are very much a cautionary tale born from experience of his mother. He hardly wishes such venomous relationship for anyone. But at the same time, it sounds like justification of how his friend denied him - or perhaps, justification for why he abandoned her.

He doesn't know which. Why is he even thinking of it? Perish the thought!

Mikael glances up as the girl explains Reene's location, then looks around. Seeing his reflection causes chills to run down his spine. Now that the initial surprise has worn off, wonderment gets set aside and self-examination takes its place. In them, he is just the young man in a leather jacket. In them, he looks much the same as years ago, before an out-of-control truck smashed into his life and set it veering wildy off-course.

How naive he was back then.

But the man in the mirrors has ceased to exist. The bandaged monster in fatigues can not be seen in any of them. None of them reflect what Mikael is now. Does he even know himself?

The girl's words, irritatingly, pester him for attention. The man gives her another blasť look. "Them? Last I checked, I'm here just on my own. I'm not here for anyone's benefit, or blight for that matter. It is not my job." He looks at the doors. "And since I have no idea where any of these paths lead and I'm not trying to go anywhere in particular... I suppose it's all the same to me." It's too bad the man doesn't have a 36-sided-die with him.

"So... you pick."