"Me? Pick?"

She sounds surprised and baffled, and looks at him with confusion.

"Mister, I can't Choose your Path. That's You, Mister. I just Guide you along. I am Dread and this is Death, y'know? If I open a Door, it's my Path. It's my Decision, my Choice, my Way."

She shrugs helpessly and winks at the man as she walks towards a door, her body twisting in an unnatural position as she looks at him while grasping the handle.

"But Mister... if it'll make you feel better, I never Choose twice."

The Door Opens.

And fire bursts out, fire and blood, bone and shadow, and WRATH explode from the door, breaking the room into pieces shatters and shards and blackened ABYSS stretches out underneath him as the girl smiles in the Wasteland that was once a Room.

"This Door Mister, was my Choice. Destruction and hunger, for all of eternity. A pitiable existence, wouldn't you agree?"

And below, deep deep down, he can hear a beast rumble, the sound of a sleeping wolf, and he feels a thousand hairs and a thousand worlds stir in the Room, and the eye opens and it can SEE and he can SEE and its EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and the WORLD CRASHES AND BURNS devouring hunger BREAKING the fabric of reality for a mere MEAL and that MEAL is a WORLD and

the Door closes, and the Room returns. The girl leans against the Door she opened, and smiles sadly, dreamlike and ethereal in every way as she waves her sleeves (too big, far far too big), and the white and black is a paradox that makes so so much sense, far too much sense for someone so small and unassuming.

The Impossible Girl grins and its all teeth and all of them are sharp. "You are what you Eat, that's the saying, right? I Devoured worlds, Mister. I created species and killed millions in my Hunger. That was the causation of my Choice. You get one now, Mister. I represented a faction that has... ceased to exist. You represent one that is the most important faction of all."

She sighs and her eyes flash with some impossible emotion.

"Humanity. Humanity is strong. Humanity has no limits that exist, because you all consider limits just another obstacle in the road, right? And no matter what you think of yourself - you are the Representative for these people. And what you say, what you do, what you think; it all matters, in the end. When the Apocalypse rains down once more, like it did all those eons ago, will you be the Last Bastion of Hope for humanity?"

She stands slowly, and a sword appears in her hand, a piece of metal with nothing on it, just sleek black and her head tilts to the side as she holds it in her hands.

"Or will you open the Door and let the Apocalypse through?"