The man recoils in horror as the fire bursts through, stumbling on his feet and falling on his rear. He stares wide-eyed to the raging inferno as the spectral woman babbles on about something. After the door closes, he remains sitting for a while, just staring at the closed door, before cautiously standing back up. He gives a puzzled look around as he sees the room has returned to its normal state.

Then he casts an angry look at the woman.

"You are a moron. All you needed to do was point me a door that does not lead straight to Hell!"
, he mocks. "All your talk about how it is 'my path' is just pseudo-philosophical garbage. Even a child can point the way to a stranger. If you can't, you must be the most pathetic godly being in existence."

The man looks back the way they came. "Besides, you are wrong. I'm not a representative of anyone but myself. No-one chose me to be a thing. I left them - I cast down any right or responsibility to speak for them. You might as well be asking a snake. Or a rock."

"Besides, you are wrong. Inviduals are strong. But for every strong human invidual, there is a weak one. As a whole, humans are dull and plain, average in every respect, of trivial ambitions and weak thought. They are mere hairless apes, no more and no less valuable than any other animal."

"You say humanity has no limits, but I've yet to meet a single human to whom that would apply. Both alone and all as one, humans are sharply limited in their choices by natural laws, body and spirit. If humanity was to somehow break those limits, they would cease to be humans at all. They would become something else entirely."

"If an invidual has admirable qualities, it is those qualities that make him strong - his humanity means zilch. If a human becomes strong or overcomes some obstacle, it is often despite his humanity, not because of it; for to be truly strong, a human needs to abandon negative and weak aspects of humanity so only positive and strong remain."

Having finished his scoff, the man turns to leave. "Why should the fate of humanity even interest me? I am not human. And I am not strong."