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    I've reorganized this to make it look a bit neater, but I believe it still has all of the information requested in the provided template.


    Alias: "Leo", "Kril"
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Altered human
    Age: 27 (DoB: July 19)
    Alignment: Neutral Good

    • Physical: Fit, though not very muscular
    • Height: ~5' 10"
    • Weight Class: Middle-weight
    • Eyes: Bright blue
    • Hair: Black; buzz-cut
    • Facial features: Nose slightly crooked to left
    • Other features: Light scarring on back of right shoulder from combat injury

    Common attire
    • Legs: Regular-fit jeans with brown cloth belt
    • Torso: Sleeveless or short-sleeved T-shirt
    • Feet: Hiking boots
    • Hands: Black hide glovettes
    • Neck: Bandana tied loosely around neck

    Class/Profession: Combatant; martial artist/spiritualist hybrid
    Power Rating: 8/D+ (Base 3, modifiers listed below)
    • Strength: Below average (-1)
    • Constitution: Below average (-1)
    • Stamina: Average
    • Agility: Above average (+1)
    • Intelligence: Unusually high (+2)

    • Type: Bo staff (+1)
    • Name: "Conductor"
    • Description: Hardwood staff; 6' 4" in length, 2" in diameter; surface etched with small, illegible characters

    • Martial arts: Hapkido, Judo styles; blue belt level (average) (+1)
    • Spiritual skills: Borrowed powers gained from Pacts formed with various spirits (+2)
    • Psychic skills: Various abilities fueled by psychic energy
    • Additional info can be found here

    Personality: Although Leo is prone to irritability when he experiences any great measure of stress, he is otherwise an adventurous individual with a strong sense of morality. He's not the bravest or hardiest humanoid in existence, but his intellect and quick wit make him dangerous both on and off the battlefield.

    Background: In his universe of origin, Leo was tasked with protecting mankind from a 600-year-old evil sealed deep in the earth, known by most as "the Cosmic Terror". During one of his encounters with the embodiment of this calamitous evil, a psychotic sage by the name of Zeri Walch, Leo was utterly trounced and discarded into a rift in space-time. Upon awakening, he found himself trapped in a strange new world, one in which the laws of his universe were not entirely coherent. Knowing that he still had a mission to fulfill, Leo set out to find a way back to his world...

    Theme of Leo Krilangi: Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere
    Theme of Devout Spiritualist: Pillar - Bring Me Down
    Theme of PSI-chotic Caster: Liquid Tension Experiment - Acid Rain

    Homeworld Info: Background information on Leo's homeworld can be found at the following links:
    Pre-Nexus, History Lesson 1: All Creation
    Pre-Nexus, History Lesson 2: The Spiritualists of Jzivu
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