And the girl rises from her position on the ground, and she grows larger and taller and more terrible for it.

A woman stands in her place, with a sword and a smock and a cold look on her pale, pale face.

"You are Humanity's Representative for the worlds to watch, for all you deny it. If you do not wish the position, then pass it on, and the Worlds will sigh in relief and contempt for one who denied the chance to Choose."

She moves towards him, her eyes black and deep and lonely, and her presence slams into his, their powers intermingling and clashing with one another with all the fury and innate strength their wielders.

"There was another, who could have been. He would have been. But he has been wrecked beyond repair, destroyed and turned into something he was never meant to be, and his is a pitiable existence. But you - you who dares to spurn a Choice, you will live in agony, 'till you pass on your Choice. And then that person, whoever it may be - they will make the Choice in your stead."

She looks at him coolly, as her sword hangs loosely in her hands.

"Do not misunderstand me, Sir. I did not wish to frighten you with my Choice, but it was Mine and I will defend it for all time. Do not ask me to show you YOUR Choice, for that is the future, and those who meddle with time are doomed to repeat eternity forever. Your Choice, is Yours. Mine is Mine. We cannot trade them, and you cannot CHOOSE my Choice."