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Thread: [BitPR2] Extra Episode 2: Just a dream?

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    Mikael turns back to look at this mad goddess, inching back as the air itself seems to flee from her. He listens to her words in terror, but then he recovers his courage and stands straight. This is a dream, after all.

    "You are being absurd! You brought me here, to your castle! You gave me no hints or directions where to go or why! I told you to pick, because I had every reason to think you would know better! I already passed on my choice - to you!"

    "Though now I must rescind that, since you don't seem to be very wise. Didn't you tell me you would not make your choice a second time? Doesn't that imply you feel you chose wrong? Yet here you are, talking about defending such a choice? Excuse me? Didn't it lead straight to Hell?"

    "It's no wonder they say gods and spirits are useless for salvation of men. The position apparently doesn't come with a sense of logic. Or basic courtesy, for that matter. Tell you what: if you like Hell that much, why don't you go and stay there?"
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