"You cannot pass your Choice to me, for I have already CHOSEN! What is hard to understand about this, Sir!? You are given no hints, as I was not by my predecessor! You are told not what to do, but to think for yourself! That is how being a Representative works! That is how honor works! That is how we survive!"

She's a whirlwind of motion and her sword is pointing at his throat as she snarls with fury, thin beads of blood running down the edge of the blade as she speaks.

"Do NOT speak to me about my Choice! It was mine, it was wrong, but I will NEVER make another one! You get ONE CHANCE, to do the right thing Sir, and I did NOT do it! I chose my friend over what was right, and eternity punished me for it! Do not presume things that you can never prove, and NEVER speak ill of Choosing!"

She spins and her sword is different and she's mad and terrifying and wolf-like, and her face is a mask of mystery and serenity as her blade warps itself into a spear, with a white cloth splattered in blood floating in a non existent wind.

"I cannot Choose for you, only Humanity can Choose for Humanity! Hell - is Hell all you think of in that half-formed thing you call a MIND?! That was not Hell, that was a PRISON for the RESULTS of my Choice! You have one now, and I strongly urge you to TAKE IT, and not pass it on, lest something like that happens again, for woe betide the one who Chooses poorly, for they wi-"

She falls quiet. The spear turns into a sword once more and vanishes and she's silent for a time, before looking at him with haunted eyes.

"Get out. You do not have time for Choosing, and so I do not care what you do. Get out of this place, this place of peace and choices and past mistakes. Go on with YOUR worthless life, and remember, that you will always always always wonder - what if I HAD chosen? Would it have been any different? What if I HAD listened?"

She laughs as she leaves the room, and its still like bells but the scorn and mockery is in it too, just below the surface.

"Goodbye, and may you never return to this place again."