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    Henry Ward

    Alias: 'Shoutout' Henry (gained at Age 19), 'Black Dancer' Ward (gained at Age 22)
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 24
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Bounty Hunter
    Power Rating: C+

    Description: Henry is a tall, tan man of about 6' 3''. He is neither particularly fat nor thin, although he quite muscular. His dark blonde hair is of shoulder-length, and his face carries a quite noticeable stubble. His features are slightly jagged, and his eyes are a misty grey. Most of the time, he is dressed in a heavy, brown jacket and a pair of greyed out jeans. Over this, he wears an old, worn overcoat which is riddled with bulletholes and several tears in the fabric. Between these two layers of clothing, he also often carries a bandolier, which is stocked to the brim with a variety of revolvers and knives.

    Personality: Henry very much lives for the moment. He always is searching for new challenges or thrills, and loves to go up against even overwhelming odds. When interacting with others he is cheerful and easygoing, and even strangely effeminate at times. However, he also is rather impatient, and prefers actions to words. He generally doesn't think much before doing something, and is likely to ignore other people's wishes if he thinks he has a better idea.
    There are few things that can really scare him, even if this usually ends up being to his detriment. He rarely, if ever, backs down and even though he isn't all that bright about how he approaches his problems, he makes up for it with sheer enthusiasm.

    • Bandolier, filled to the brim with revolvers and knives (mostly used to avoid having to reload during battle)
    • Several Pouches filled with Ammunition
    • One Flask containing cheap Alkohol
    • Cheap Laser Pistol 'Lux'

    • Peak Human Strength and Agility
    • Inhumanly Accurate and Quick Marksmanship
    • Borderline Psychotic Enthusiasm and Focus in Combat

    Backstory: To be done... (Probably by tomorrow.)
    Miscellaneous: Nothing yet. Might be filled at a later date.
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