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    Heritage: Satyr

    Age: 34 (apparent 17)

    Personality: Easygoing and does his best to keep the mood light, considering how easily everything can go wrong in their lives. While he doesn't mind at all acting the fool, he's one of the bravest allies you'll find, with a sharp wit to match.
    He's also...well, he's a huge nerd. If it wasn't a terrible idea to use electronics around the camp it would be even worse. As it stands he keeps his interests to comics, tabletop games, the occasional film and music.

    Power Level: Lan is a person sent to track down and subsequently be put in charge with protecting kids, and clearly the trust is not misplaced. He's a very high (or maybe low, since lower numbers are greater) 3, bordering on 2.

    Lan is an accomplished fighter in what he specializes in, which is the staff, bow, and dagger. He's also a good musician, which translates to solid magic abilities, although he is not among who you'd consider the strongest in that regard. He usually relies on animating plants, as his abilities on stone are limited. He can influence air currents slightly though, and while not enough to harm anything usually, it vastly helps his aim.

    Lan is one of the only satyrs to have his own weapon, the Switch Hitter. The bow is enchanted to be as tough as steel, so when left unstrung it can be used as a staff.

    He has a relatively attractive face if you get past the horns. The best word for him would probably be lithe. He's well muscled but not very bulky. His skin is sort of an olive color and his lower body's coat and head-hair are dark brown. He's let his horns grow out a bit since he rarely has to go into human society nowadays, and so his horns have gotten to the point where they are starting to curl back. Those with martial experience would pretty easily notice his experience with archery if they got a good look at his arms and hands.

    Lan has a good record for getting kids to CHB, even if his age means he can't infiltrate schools nearly as often. Anyone wanting to put down that he was their guardian may do so as long as I'm made aware.
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