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Thread: OOTS death pool (thread #4)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunken Valley View Post
    I put a theory in another thread which became wildly popular that Geoff is Miron in disguise. If Geoff is revealed as Miron, what happens to his bets?
    I guess they'd get combined, then? I'll go add it to the rulings section...

    Edit: Oh wait. You mean not "What if Haley's uncle Geoff and Miron are actually the same person"; you mean "What if the character we know as Geoff is Miron in disguise, and Haley's real uncle Geoff is elsewhere". That's trickier. I think I would still count bets as Geoff as bets on Miron in that case; it seems reasonable to interpret bets on "Geoff" as bets on "the character we know as Geoff" rather than "whichever character happens to be named Geoff". I mean, unless the bet had been placed before we ever met Geoff on-panel, but the thread has not been running that long...
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