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Do you mean rule 8.a? Because I did read it, but assuming that a death occured before we knew about the initial death, who is it who gets points? I ask because many of the rules place importance on the in-comic chronology of the deaths.

So using my example again, when Belkar is found to have died before Nale, do the points go to the voters who were betting on him chronologically when he died, or to those who were betting on him when his corpse was revealed and he was confirmed dead?
Sorry, yes, I meant rule 8, in particular part a.

...reading it again, I suppose it actually is ambiguous on the issue. Still I'm pretty sure the intended meaning is that points would go to those who were beting on him when the corpse was revealed; and that's what I'm going to go with for logistical reasons if nothing else. I'll go clarify that. Thanks for pointing that out.