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    Neiz Landers
    Godly Parent: Styx

    Age: 17
    Personality: Eccentric, very willing to manipulate others to reach her goals, but never cruel for the sake of being cruel. She nearly always seems at least a little flirtatious.
    Neiz is thin, with crazy-long silvery hair she has dyed with many pastel rainbow streaks. Her eyes are rose-pink and she tends to wear clothing in dark, cool colors. She has a pretty nice figure and is quite pretty, which she makes good use of.

    Power Level: 3 (her influence is mostly social; her combat prowess is almost entirely defensive)

    Water Affinity: As the daughter of Styx, she has a mostly passive water affinity; this means that she is a very strong swimmer and gets a bit more out of hydration than most would. Her water affinity is not to the same extent as a Poseidon child, though.

    Dealmaker: As the daughter of Styx, her main powerset is based in pacts, oaths, deals, etc. She can create binding contracts upon agreements, whether or not she is one of those involved in the agreement. While certainly not as significant as the bonds forged upon the Styx, her pacts are nothing to ignore; there is always an agreed-upon consequence that will occur upon any party who breaks the deal. The pact ends when
    • The pact is carried out and finished (only if the pact's terms have a finite goal)
    • Any party breaks the terms of the pact (ends the pact, but incurs the consequence upon them)
    • Neiz specifically revokes the pact before it is finished or broken

    Parallel Shield: A shield with a sort of stretched teardrop shape, worn across the arm longways with the pointy end closest to the elbow. Contains a retractable blade at the end near her hand. Disguised as a bracelet when not in use.

    Cestus: Essentially brass knuckles. Disguised as a ring when not in use.

    Notes: (Anything else not included)
    Has been around camp for several years and very rarely leaves, though some of her fellow older campers may know her mortal family lives in Ohio.
    Neiz flirts with almost everyone, but only for the purposes of manipulating them. The only person to whom she has ever felt really attracted is Felandria, though she has not yet admitted it.
    Her mundane items include a small bottle of chipotle Tabasco, her phone, and a folding fan.
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