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    Llylian Kagynn

    Human form

    Kallygn form

    Alias: Usually just called "Llyl". Or "Lil", by those who don't know how to pronounce double L's.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Tor Fallyn [Were-kallygn]
    Age: 22
    Alignment: Vaguely chaotic
    Profession: Merchant, glassworker
    Power Rating: E+ in human form, C+ in kallygn form

    Description: Most of the time, Llyl appears to be a normal human, except that she has two thumbs on each hand. (The extra thumb is smaller, and located just below the standard digit.) She has brown hair and blue eyes. She looks somewhat younger than she actually is; the Tor clans mature slightly faster in mind than in body.
    Around the time of the full moon, it's easier for Llyl to change into her kallygn form. When exposed to the light of the full moon, it becomes extremely difficult to retain her human form. Her kallygn form looks like a cross between a chameleon and a canine. While it has the features of a chameleon, the body shape is more like that of a wolf.
    Equipment: She carries a long knife while in human form, but has no great skill with it. She also has a backpack she uses to carry her wares and a few tools. Finally, she has a small, waterproof bag containing a lightweight shift, a short strip of moon-silver, and a small amount of emergency gold, well-secreted. Whenever possible, she carries it while in kallygn form.
    Abilities: In human form, Llyn is a fair knife fighter. She is also a skilled glassworker; some of her merchandise includes spyglasses, magnifying glasses and so on. In kallygn form, her primary weapons are her teeth and claws. She cannot change color, except for turning a little lighter or darker green. She does have a long, sticky tongue. If she misses her target, however, it can be inconvenient, and takes about half a minute to suck back in and prepare to be relaunched. Her thick skin and agility make her hard to hit in this form.
    Backstory: Llyn comes from a different universe, and was accidentally drawn into the Nexus while traveling to a large city.

    The Tor Clans: In Llyl's home universe, there are a number of clans of werebeasts, such as the Tor Klyft, the Tor Gannysh, and the Tor Fallyn. Each transforms into a different beast when the moon is full. They are not vulnerable to normal silver, nor are they invulnerable to other materials. However, they are unable to change forms while in contact with a material called Sunnan-Llyft (moon-silver). It is, in fact, closer to steel than silver, but is particularly shiny. Contact with moon-silver causes blistering in only a minute or two- for humans as well as Tor. They also cannot turn others into were-beasts by biting them. In fact, they have little in common with classical werewolves, except for the bit where their transformation is affected by the moon.
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