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    *checks email box*

    Why so it is.

    Awwww, that's so touch...


    BWHAHAHAHAHA. I admit it, I laughed out loud in Real Life. It's times like this that the Mel Brooks defintion of comedy comes to mind.

    Feel for the poor wererat though.

    ETA::: Huh. Didn't notice this in #G001, but Haley's had a slight clothing redesign. It's there alright though. She's now sporting a sleeveless look that's about halfway between her current clothing in mainline-continuity and the standard look she had for so long.

    It was pretty subtle in #G001, but it's more obvious here. There seems to be more detail on her clothing and boots as well. Same goes for Roy. Looks like all of the characters got minor art upgrades for their new hangout.
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