Ririko Amano

Saki Amano, a male, is actually Ririko in disguise.

Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human
Age: Somewhere around 17.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Class/Profession: Shikigami artist.
Power Rating: N/A
Description: Ririko is fairly tall... 6'4 or something of the sort. She has super long gray hair that she keeps half of in an oriental style and extremely elaborate up-do. She has fair skin, large eyes (that change color on a regular basis) and a fairly decent figure. When not in disguise, she wears yukata-style outfits in all shades of purple. When in disguise, she wears a blue ninja-type outfit, and a cloak to cover up her hair.
Personality: Ririko is subject to personality changes at any time. Most of the time she is a happy-go-lucky free-to-live-as-she-pleases type girl who loves her pet spirit dog.
Equipment: Chopsticks (in her hair) and lots of paper. She also carries a pouch in her obi that supplies her with anything she wants.
Abilities: She uses paper to create beings to do her bidding. As an advanced shikigami user, she can also make the spirits in the paper posses certain creatures. She can also change her outward gender at will, and has a god (sortof) living in her prodigious amounts of hair. And she can world-hop, move from world to world whenever she chooses.
Backstory: Ririko is a princess, who, when forced into an arrange marriage, ran away. Ending up in the Nexus, she decided that she enjoyed it, and stayed.