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Will any of the changes affect our characters in your game?
I'll let people decide if they want to use the new versions of any advantages I change or if they want to grandfather in the old version.

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Don't forget the Sports Fanatic ;)

Looking forward to seeing the new material when ya get the time :)
Ah, yes. I cut that one from an earlier update, but it'll hopefully make its way into this one!

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So wandering the forum leads me to this.

Very interesting. I do agree that Meganekko needs some help being less chance based in some of its abilities (Just as Planned is a great example of something good in it). Rather sad that this kind of game is so rare on the forum, as it looks like a good bit of fun. Would be good as an added rule set in other systems as well, which some people have mentioned before. Looking forward to the next update.
Thank you! Revising the Meganekko to be more consistently useful is definitely on my radar.

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Thanks for posting this. I was wondering if a cosplayer type might be made in future updates? I was also wondering about an otaku type, I know someone else had also suggested it.
I would probably wrap cosplayer and otaku into the same archetype, but yes, I think it definitely has potential.