Name: Vertbog Wortmek
Alias: Vert, Captain Flower-power, Big smelly Hippy.
Gender: Male
Race: Ork (of the warhammer 40k variety)
Age: 36
Alignment: Chaotic
Class/Profession:Mekanic and Orkoid Mycologist. Hippy
Power Rating: my guess would be between C+ to B
Description: Typical Orkish appearance. Fairly big and bulky. Stands just under 8 feet and weighs in at around 360Lbs. Dark green skin. Yellow eyes. Completely hairless. Large head has pointed ears, a thick forehead, and large tusk-like teeth. Wears an assortment of strange piecemeal "clothes" all of which have a distinct Hippy vibe and function as simple armour. Often has a simple bucket-type helmet decorated accordingly. Wears big colourful glasses and hippy-bling (peace symbols, daisies, hearts)
Images to come
Personality: Strangely laid back considering he is from a Universe of perpetual war and a race that thrives on battle. Still loves to fight but may be willing to work with others if it leads to a greater peace. Which, to Vert, means more Dakka or a bigger Boom. As a member of the Wild Daisies clan his concepts of war and peace are a bit distorted, Peace is loud, flashy and violent, while War is full of politics and talking as well as fights for purpose of controlling other people. Values freedom above all else.
Equipment: Armor, weapons, paint supplies*, clothes, and other devices. Plus anything he recently bodged together. Various Orkoid fungi.
*Purdy Squiggles: Vert's pet squig. A rare variety of 'Paintbrush' squig. It absorbs the pigments of food it consumes and replicates the colour. Somehow it can also copy non-pigment based colours, such as the blue of butterfly wings. It can then excrete an oily-inky substance from the hair-like projections of its tail.
Other unique equipment with long descriptions.
Da big Shocka: A customized Shock Attack gun of Vert's own design. Like the usual variety this unusual weapon creates a tunnel of warp energy and forcibly teleports things on one end of the gun to wherever its pointed, ether on or in the target, results may vary. Vert's gun also includes two other features. It is able to create an ion/electron imbalance between the gun and the target, and then instantly correct this imbalance, ie Lightning. Can cause localized atmospheric disturbances, i.e. can make it rain over a small area.
Kustom Field Generator+: This is a big klunky device used by Big Meks to provided extra protection to da boyz till they get up close. Vert's model looks like a diesel powered van de graaff generator. It can produce a number of protective barriers and other emissions, seemingly at random. This can range from electo-megnetic or force fields to smoke screens, teleport-blockers, reflective particle clouds, etc.

Waaagh Bodgin': able to turn scrap and other junk into, somehow, functional equipment such as guns, explosives and other peaceful things.
Grot storm: Using specially engineered spores from orkoid mushrooms, Vert summons a bunch of snotlings, a diminutive imp-like race of orks. They can be ordered to complete a variety of simple tasks, but are usually used as ammo for the shock attack gun. Due to have accelerated metabolism caused by the altered fungi they only live for a few hours before exploding.

Backstory: Past not ImPortn't. Waaagh.
Started as weak li'l meckboy 'prentice, killed mek boss, now is master mek of Da Big Flower Boss. Brotha was Dok. We'z lurnd bout Orky stuff. Vert 'ad to smack 'I'm when 'e try to operate on Vert's 'ead. Got Vert ta thinkin'. Lurned 'bout da green stuff an shroomies.
Was 'avin a right peasful battle wit da Beekies, den boom, is landin' in a heap in some strange place filled wit weird-boy oomans, and lot of other odd folk.

Translation: caution contains dubious scientific explanations based on Warhammer 40k fluff
Vertbog personally doesn't know or care much about his past. According to Imperial data Orks reproduce asexually through spores which develop into fungi on the surface and the Orkoids, which include Orks, Gretchen(grots), snotlings, and squigs, grow below. They quite literally sprout up from the ground. Orks are 'born' with natural knowledge and skill but still learn as they age. Vert started as an apprentice to his clans head mechanic. After learning all he could, he then killed his teacher and became the head mechanic. Vert was close to another Ork that was around the same age and strength and considered him his brother. Vert's brother was an Ork doctor and rose through the ranks in a similar matter. Together they had studied Ork physiology and replication. He and his brother were considered very rare ork "scientists". Together they had made the clan very large and tough, developing improved ork cybernetics, stronger and louder weapons and powerful ork dreadnaughts. Things were going well until one day Vert woke up with his brother trying to operate on his head and inserting one of Vert's untested projects into his brain. He gave his brother a savage beating but didn't kill him. The partially damaged implant gave Vert an even bigger curious streak. Vert then spent his free time learning about Ork genetics and mushrooms. Orks actually have two separate genetic structures one is animal-like while the other is closer to that of algae. This is thought to be the reason Orks are green and have such high resistance to damage. Vert learned to manipulate the Orkoid fungi using his own blood.
During a battle against the space marines Vert's shock attack gun misfired and instead giving the enemy a face full of angry grots, the Warp tunnel collapsed and imploded. The warp rift sucked in Vert and dropped him into the Nexus.