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    Lenaia Puresong

    Alias: Lenaia
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Feytouched Elf
    Age: 139 [19-20 ish]
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Lenaia has long blond hair, and a circlet with a blue gem in it. She has gold eyes.
    She wears a black cloak and usually wears golden colors and blue.

    Personality: Lenaia is a kind person. She's a paladin who always stands by "Take the good option". She's trustworthy and honorable, and will almost never break a promise. She'll always help someone in need an never ask for anything in return, but... She has a temper. She has a short fuse, and stays irrtible for hours once someone's ticked her off.

    Equipment: Now, I could just Copy-Paste this from her D&D character sheet, but that would be lame.
    Holy Longsword
    Animated Shield
    Hat of Disguise (Her circlet)
    Slippers of Battledancing
    Handy haversack-
    Bow of Songs
    20 arrows
    Everlasting Rations
    Everfull Mug
    Holy water
    Healers Kit
    Silver Holy Symbol
    Intelligent Dancing Lantern

    She's good with people, and fighting evildoers. She's very talented when it comes to singing and playing her lyre, but
    over all, lacks common sense. She can do some spell casting.

    Backstory: To come later
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