@steelsmiter: I hope my system makes a useful foundation for whatever you've got planned! It might be a little much for me to actually add to the system here, though.

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Probably would be. Same benefit as Well Endowed, but different fluff. Cannot be taken with Well Endowed. Alternately, A-cup Angst: +2/3 (Not sure if +3 is OP, but it targets one specific feature, so it seems safe) bonus on Conflict rolls against Well Endowed characters.
I don't think this is a good idea, mostly since having a permanent modifier on Conflict against only a particular opponent encourages you to bully them at every chance. Conflict is, at least in my head, a means for the players to slow down whoever's gaining a clear lead in VP, so I'd like the advantages to be useful against all opponents.

But anyways... I could see Lolita working as an archetype. I probably won't get around to it until the supernatural expansion is done, though.