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    I think I'll give this a shot, if the Camp is still open to newcomers. I'm a big fan of Greek mythology in general, and now that I've read up on the Percy Jackson series a bit, I'm sure I can pick up the finer details as I go. I realize that my character is a bit older than most, but I hope it'll still work out; if not, I'll rethink his design and adjust some details to match.

    Matthias "Ty" Alabaster
    Descendant of: Hephaestus

    Age: 22
    Description: Ty has a large, rock-solid build, and his years at Camp Half-Blood have seen him gain a good portion of his father's inhuman strength to match. His crooked face is often contorted into a scowl, emphasized by his pronounced underbite, but his eyes shine blue with uncharacteristic brilliance. His light brown hair is cut very short, and he trims it often, considering it a nuisance if it grows to any length above two inches.
    Personality: Ty was raised on the belief that respect is first given before it can be received and is therefore mindful of his manners. However, given his intimidating stature and off-putting facial features, he is accustomed to being avoided in public, and despite coming to terms with his disfigurements, he dislikes being reminded of them and is bitter toward those who do. Also worthy of note is Ty's monstrous appetite: anyone who vaguely knows him is familiar with it and the change in attitude that comes with it.

    Power Level: Currently, Ty is purely a craftsman and therefore scores a mere 5 on the power scale. Despite having advanced knowledge of weaponry and above-average physical attributes, his fighting abilities are under-developed for a demigod, and he would not last long in a fight. Whether or not he will develop any combat potential at all remains to be seen.

    Ty is skilled in a number of crafts but excels in metalsmithing. With access to the proper materials (which are, sadly, few and far between recently), he is capable of creating a wide variety of tools, weapons, and equipment.

    Envy Clamp: Ty engineered these multi-purpose tongs specifically for his own use. Not only are they extremely durable, but when closed, they will only release a held object at his direct request.

    Catalyst: Upon claiming Ty as his descendant at the age of 15, Hephaestus bestowed him with this metalworking hammer, which is enchanted to preserve the heat in any metal it strikes. Though the limits of its strength have not been exhaustively tested, it has proven capable of working some stubborn substances, and it shows little sign of deterioration, despite extensive use in Ty's posession.

    Ty has spent a good deal of time at the camp already, learning to put his artisan talents to good use in crafting equipment for the others. He was recently appointed head of the Hephaestus cabin, but without any combat skills, he must work harder than ever to steer his brethren, not to mention outfitting his fellow demigods, in order to prove his worth.

    Theme of Matthias Alabaster: Brusher Patrol
    Theme of Ty the Artisan: Walk Smash Walk
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