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    Neyana Forestheart (She doesn't know this)

    Alias: Neya
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Fairy
    Age: Is about 300 years old, looks about 4 in human years.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: Druid (She has no idea)
    Description: Neya appears to be a small elven girs with pale fragile looking wings on her back. She has green hair that she keeps tied in pigtails. Mostof the time, she wears a brown tattered dress with a green belt.

    Personality: She's timid, and shy. Most of the time. She has a fierce temper and she may just remember how to use some of her abilities if you tick her off.
    Equipment: Mostly just some seeds to various plants.
    Abilities: She doesn't remember how to use most of them.
    She seems to have a supernatural green thumb, getting plants to grow, when they darn well shouldn't be able to, and she has a supernatural connection to animals, able to befriend even the wildest of beasts. Most of the time. If her emotions are running high, plants and animals in the immediate area may react to help her.
    For weaknesses, she's terribly afraid of fire. If a fire burns a plant she's growns or an animal she's befriended, it hurts her as well.
    She also has a horribly irrational fear of heights. Yes, the girl with wings is afraid of heights. There's a reason for this.
    Backstory: Since she doesn't remember much, I won't say much. She has a vauge memory that she can only describe as the sky burning, and then nothing until she woke up, horribly confused in Outside.
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