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It is quite old in this discussion, but I want to say I appreciated that a lot. So yes, an intelligent creature cannot be "always evil". they may be at war with us for any kind of reason, they may have an evil culture that makes them our enemies (but be wary of what you define as "evil culture"), but labeling an intelligent race "always evil" is in my opinion a clear contradiction in terms.
And this is why I think I've given up on games that make a big deal, or any kind of deal at all for that matter, about "alignment".

Imagine: I'm a mid-level fighter, retired and living in a peaceful village. News starts coming in of a dragon terrorising the area. It's burned three other villages so far. Then a dragon flies over and lands, slap bang in the middle of my village.

Now, my most prized possession is one (1) Arrow of Dragon Slaying. 100% guaranteed to kill, stone dead, any dragon it hits.

Is this the same dragon that's been terrorising others? Or is it a completely different dragon, here on an embassy of peace? There's no way to tell. What I do know is that right at this moment, my family, everyone I love and care about, is one sneeze away from death.

So, is this specific dragon "evil"? I don't know, and right at this moment I don't care. I'm going to take the shot.

Is that good, is it morally defensible? Again, I don't care. Whatever the consequences are, I'll deal with them as best I can. Right here and now, there is an immediate and obvious threat, and I have to make a choice: do I finish it, or do I wait to see what it does next? Sorry, dragon, I can't take that chance.

You want to call me a monster for that? Fine, say it with me now: I don't care. I'll even come to your families' funerals, when it's their turn.