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Racism is merely a vile symptom of a far less malevolent and malicious survival instinct.
If it is "merely" a symptom then it can be excised from the instinct of which it is a part, while the "far less malevolent and malicious" parts can be left intact.

If it cannot be so excised then it is not "merely a symptom", but is an integral part of that instinct.

If it is an integral part of that instinct then the instinct is not "less malevolent and malicious", but exactly as malevolent and malicious, and the whole instinct should be expunged from our collective consciousness.

If we cannot expunge this instinct, then we humans are not sentient, having failed the fundamental requirement of sentience, the ability to overrule our instincts with our intellects. WE would then be the monsters, acting on blind instinct to harm and destroy, and in need of the appropriate wild-life management from truly sentient wardens.

So the question thus boils down to this: are we human beings monsters, or are we men*?

(*gender neutral usage of the term)