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if were talking detect evil, it will ping someone as evil regardless of how evil they are, if there even a millimeter south of neutral they come out as evil
Millimeter measures length. But if what you were saying was true, there would be no Neutral people ever. On a % scale, only the bottom 33% of collective morality is "Evil" (But, as there are no measurable upper or lower bounds on Good and Evil, it's impossible to actually measure.) The band of Neutrality is QUITE broad. Unless someone has knowingly engaged in actions that have thoroughly destroyed at least one innocent person's life (As in killed them, or severely hurt - in a recognizable but abstract way - many) without remorse, they're evil. There are so many qualifiers and mitigating factors that it's quite hard to fall into that situation without being knowingly malicious (What we wish evil people were like), incapable of comprehending the depths of your actions (Still knowingly commiting them without remorse, and getting innocent people caught in them - see Thog), or in serious denial/self-justification (What most evil people actually are like). In the last case, it can be difficult to determine the three significant factors, making it generally better to play it safe and give them the benefit of the doubt. And the second case is nothing short of tragic.

A Paladin who pings someone as evil and is aware of the third case would almost always better serve the cause of Good showing them the error of their way (Or inspiring them to become a better person) than smiting them where they stand - especially if that person is in a position of power, and the resulting vacuum could be plugged by someone no better. But if there is no better way to handle, say, an overly-aggressive Loan Shark that ruins the lives of those he snares in underhanded and diabolical deals without killing them, said Paladin won't fall for removing him forcibly from the world.

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This is... actually pretty close to the point I was trying to make. Are we arguing degrees of when it is appropriate/necessary versus when it isn't at this point?