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You also seem to view rationality as being black and white, when really it's shades of gray.
No, I said no such thing whatsoever.

Just because you allow an emotional belief to have an effect on your thinking does not mean you are entirely irrational,
This has no revelance whatsoever to the point I was making.

and would not justify you being enslaved.
Nor does this.

Firstly, I was talking about INSTINCT, not emotion. Emotion enters into it only in the sense that INSTINCT sometimes creates emotion.

That fact that you might be influenced by your instinct is not the issue here. The issue here is whether or not you HAVE to be CONTROLLED by your instinct and CANNOT CHOOSE contrary to them.

If you CANNOT do that, if you CANNOT choose by act of will to behave contrary to what your instinct dictates, then you are not sentient. Period.

If instinct -> emotion -> act is guaranteed and stereotyped. If the same instinct produces the same emotion produces the same act all the time. If at no point in that sequence you cannot insert your free will and say "no, I will not act this way, this time", then you are not sentient. Period.

If instinct for self-preservation -> racist emotions -> racist acts is a predefined sequence in humans, if at no point in this sequence a human being cannot say "you know what, to hell with these instincts. I don't care how racist they are making me feel right now, I believe racism is wrong and so I will not engage in racist acts or thoughts despite these feelings my instincts are generating", then human beings are not sentient. Period.

Not by the definition of sentience as it is being discussed in this thread.