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What makes you think the core instinct is responsible for making us think racist thoughts (As opposed to.. what default?), instead of being the thing that allows us to empathize with things similar to ourself (With racism being the failure of that instinct to include someone or something in that sphere?)
If the core instinct is the one that allows us to empathize with things similar to ourself, then we can excise from it the part that makes racist thoughts and just keep the part that lets us empathize.

If we cannot use our intellect to control and shape our instincts in this manner, then we are not sentient. Period.

This is just a variation of the same scenario I was commenting on originally.

And this is also why I am using the term "if" in describing the scenario.

It boils down to this:

What RULES us? What, ultimately, determines our actions? What aspect of our psyche gets veto-power when we choose to act?

Instinct? Or thought?

A sentient being is NOT RULED BY INSTINCT. When we use the excuse "my instinct CAUSED me to act like this" what we are really saying is that we are confessing to not being sentient. Instinct does not CAUSE a sentient being to do anything. Instinct may influence a sentient being, but a sentient being can veto instinct and say "no, I will not do what my instincts are pushing me towards doing." That is what having free will means.