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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramien View Post
    I'm hoping this is the right place to put this, but I was overjoyed to find out that Order of the Stick is in Gygax Magazine - I wasn't expecting it when I got my hardcopy version, but it was a very pleasant surprise.

    Does anyone else who's read it feel sorry for the wererat?
    At this point, even people who haven't read it and are sorry for the wererat. ;)

    Then again, I feel sorry for the Wolf in Little Red Riding-Hoodlum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramien View Post
    But that's a completely different universe. Roy would have to be a Warlord for Miko the Avenger to show up.
    The 4e-ers could have mentioned something on the way out.
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    I know I'm stealing this from someone else. But it's SO FUNNY

    Zweisteine quoting Razanir:

    "I am a human sixtyfourthling! Fear my minimal halfling ancestry!"

    From: Razanir

    Bagnold could be one sixty-fourth halfling.