Harvey Postern

Gender: Male
Race/Species: Pretty much human
Age: Late 20's
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class/Profession: D&D class would be rogue, but imagine one from the 1930's
Power Rating: Um... I'm going with 3/C- Not strong directly, but tricky.
Description: Stylish 1940-ish man. Grey suit, black tie, big gray hat. A better description will be added when I learn how to write.
Personality: Slick Con-man meets The Doctor. Also will be updated after play.
Equipment: Very attractive suit, mysterious black gloves, revolver that can shoot through dimensions.
Abilities: Can open any door and have it lead to any other door. Sometimes, this is even where he intends it to go. This includes alternate dimensions, different planets, and in one notable instance, the same door.
Backstory: To come later