Essentials Fighter

Title: The Knight At The Crossroads Artist: Viktor Vasnetsov Source: Public Domain

Another Fighter Revision?

Yes. This one stemmed from a discussion with Cardea about why I'm not interested in revisiting my Heroic classes. It was my first big foray into 3.5 design and a lot of it is simply numbers bloat. There were a few ideas that I thought were interesting but on the whole I don't think they accomplished much worthwhile in making certain classes easier/better to play.

4e design space is a different beast and I talked about how the Fighter in 4th Edition has some very interesting mechanics that make it a viable class. If one were to reverse engineer the 4e Fighter into 3rd Edition it might look and play very similar to the Tome of Battle classes. While I'm a fan of Tome of Battle and think those classes can replace the Fighter, Monk, and Paladin in a game and the game balance be better for it I decided to play around with the 4e Fighter and see what it would actually look like in 3rd.

Not all of the class features below are translations of the 4e Fighter mechanics. Some of them weren't necessary (like the Slayers quick draw) while others are functions of how some things are different in 3rd (such as dealing with creatures immune to critical hits).

For those that like using the Tier System to rate classes I think this Fighter is a solid Tier 4, creeping into low Tier 3 with careful Martial Study selection and optimization. The Fighter here is good at Fighting but doesn't natively have the Supernatural abilities that the Tome of Battle classes can access that grant them a wider range of abilities. And that's fine. If the Dungeoncrasher ACF is all that's need to bring the regular Fighter up to Tier 4 then this Fighter starts there (and possibly stops there as well).


This is a Fighter revision that reverse engineers 4th Edition Fighter mechanics for use in 3rd Edition.

There will be 2 posts following this one: the Fighter revision post and a post containing an expanded list of [Fighter] feats.